Code of Conduct

The statement of the specified Code of Conduct has been developed and adopted by EFFC. It is expected that every National Federation will develop and adopt its own Code of Conduct while adhering to the main principles. Companies that are members of TMD pledge to uphold and adhere to the values mentioned below:

Core Values

  • To be honest with public and/or private clients.
  • To comply with all relevant laws and regulations.
  • Not to participate in price fixing or securing contracts against the public interest.
  • Not to make any payments directly or indirectly to relevant clients through a contract.
  • To demonstrate honesty and transparency in pricing, contract arrangements, and invoice preparation.
  • To reject illegal employment practices.
  • To be fair in relationships with partners (subcontractors and joint venture partners) and competitors.
  • To collaborate in preparing contracts to be fair and establish mutual trust and confidence.

Customer Satisfaction

Members commit to making efforts to ensure:

  • Timely delivery of contracted services tailored to customer needs.
  • Honesty and openness at all stages of construction.
  • Reliability when providing guarantees.
  • Customer understanding of the quality of the purchased service or product.

Employee Satisfaction

Members commit to making efforts to ensure:

  • Giving the highest priority to the safety of workers on the construction site.
  • Providing training to employees at all levels of the company.
  • Encouraging employees' personal initiative to contribute to the improvement of all company operations.

Environmental Protection

Members commit to making efforts to:

  • Encourage the development and implementation of environmentally friendly technologies.
  • TMD members expect all individuals, groups, and institutions they work with to be in harmony with the ethical culture outlined above. In this context, TMD members declare that it is mandatory for all suppliers, subcontractors, consultants, dealers, and business partners they work with in all their activities to comply with and adhere to TMD Code of Conduct. Members work to adhere to TMD Ethical Principles within their organizations and develop their own ethical documents, converting them into written culture.