The Chair's Message

Turkey Foundation Contractors Association (TMD) was founded in Istanbul on June 30, 2021, with eight members. It is an NGO that aims to provide solutions for its members and the sector.

TMD serves as a liaison between the construction industry and public institutions, specifically in the foundation contracting sector. Its main objectives are to identify and tackle issues and needs, organize professional training events and congresses, contribute to the establishment of industry standards and regulations, participate in the improvement processes of regulations in line with developments and needs, organize collaboration with foreign countries in our sector, and establish application and ethical guidelines.

TMD is organized as an umbrella organization in response to the need for an organization that meets the conditions specified in its bylaws and commits to adhering to the established ethical principles. Companies wishing to become members and our stakeholders are expected to embrace these principles. We consider national and international institutions, organizations, and individuals who embrace these principles and share the same goals with us as our key stakeholders.

Furthermore, our priorities include increasing educational efforts to maintain and continuously improve the level reached by our members in technological developments in the geotechnical field, occupational health and safety, and quality management. We also aim to enhance collaboration with the European Federation of Foundation Contractors (EFFC), of which we are a member, and exchange information with umbrella organizations in our country such as the Turkish Contractors Association (TMB).

Based on current growth rates, it is expected that approximately 57 trillion USD will be spent globally over the next decade on infrastructure maintenance and renewal investments. The estimated value of geotechnical projects worldwide is around 55 billion USD. If we exclude the Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and Russian markets, the market size becomes 25 billion USD.

Four global specialized geotechnical firms carry out approximately 30% of the $25 billion worth of geotechnical projects. The remaining $17.5 billion worth of projects are done by small-scale local geotechnical firms and general contractors.

Despite the presence of over 100 Turkish geotechnical contracting firms with an average annual turnover of $250 million operating both domestically and globally, their market share in the global geotechnical sector stands at only 0.5%.

Unfortunately, the intense and unfair competition in our sector has led to the elimination of many companies. As a result, concepts such as quality and occupational safety have become almost nonexistent.

Our association, as an effective non-governmental organization, must take the initiative and responsibility in collaboration with relevant ministries and public institutions to contribute to legal regulations and practices regarding quality, occupational safety, and unfair competition in our sector.

Our Board of Directors is committed to serving the sector with unity and enthusiasm, thanks to the support of our industry-leading member firms.

Best regards,

Dr. Rasin Düzceer

President of the Foundation Contractors Association