Membership Categories

Corporate Membership

The Foundation Contractors Association is open to corporate members who work within the field of Geotechnical Engineering and are willing to abide by the association's goals and principles. To become a member, legal entities must fulfill the relevant criteria and notify their representatives of the Association in writing. The association board reviews the membership application, submitted in writing to the association presidency, within a maximum of thirty days. The board either accepts or rejects the membership application and communicates the outcome in writing to the applicant.

Individual Membership

By implementing our Individual membership program for those working in collaboration with TMD members, we aim to address common issues that companies may not individually overcome and provide solutions together as sectoral stakeholders. The Board of Directors may grant individual membership to legal entities to bring together parties working in the sector and related sectors domestically and internationally. Individual members do not have the right to vote at the General Assembly, and the cancellation of their membership is decided by the Board of Directors.

Real and legal persons applying for individual membership, demonstrating their commitment to TMD's goals and working areas, having direct or indirect relations with the construction and geotechnical sector, nationally and internationally recognized and successful in technical, administrative, economic, and professional aspects in their field, are accepted as individual members by the decision of the Board of Directors. Individual members have the right to participate in TMD General Assemblies without voting, attend training programs offered to TMD members for free or at a fee, be listed in the "Sectoral Stakeholders" on the TMD website, access information on the TMD website.

Honorary Membership

Individuals who have achieved respect at the national or international level, and have made intellectual and/or financial contributions to the development of the Geotechnical profession nationally and internationally, can be accepted as honorary members by the decision of the board of directors. Honorary members do not have the right to vote. They are not obliged to make payments.