TMD members have committed to serving sustainable development in all their endeavors.

TMD adopts a corporate sustainability approach that is conscious of economic, environmental, and social responsibilities towards its internal and external stakeholders. The sustainability strategy of TMD can be summarized under the main headings of Doing the Job Well and Right, Valuing Employees, Advancing the Community, and Reducing Environmental Impact.

Sustainability Principles

Doing the Job Well and Right

•       Product and Service Quality

•       Economic Performance

•       Customer Satisfaction

•       Ethical and Compliance Practices

•       Risk Management

Valuing Employees

•       Occupational Health and Safety

•       Employee Training and Development

•       Employee Rights and Job Satisfaction

•       Diversity, Equal Opportunities, and Non-Discrimination

Advancing the Community

•       Managing Social, Economic, or Environmental Impacts on the Local Community

•       Increasing Positive Impacts

•       Social Investment

•       Avoidance/Reduction of Negative Impacts

Reducing Environmental Impact

•       Innovation and R&D Studies

•       Carbon Footprint and Energy Efficiency

•       Biodiversity